Multimillionaires Of 2015: 6 Highest Earning CEOs Across The World

BANGALORE: Out of thousands of CEOs in the world India times chooses six highest paid CEOs who are responsible for the organization’s overall performance. Every person who is involved in an organization aspires to become a CEO within years. But only fortune favors the skilful ones. Let’s take a look at these six CEOs who are setting a target for all young entrepreneurs.

srtygMichael Fries

Michell Fries is the CEO of Liberty Global. Primarily he served UnitedGlobalCom and became the COO of the company in 2001, later in 2004 became the president and CEO. After his organization merged with Liberty Media International, in 2005 he became the CEO of Liberty Global. At the age of 49 he is ranked as the 9th executive within the media. His annual pay is estimated to be $112.2 million.

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