Indian-owned Cloudleaf Raise $26M in Funding

Indian-owned Cloudleaf Raise $26M in Funding

The Series B funding will steer market expansion of its Supply Chain Digital Visibility Platform.

FREMONT, CA: An accelerator of the visible supply chain solutions, Cloudleaf Inc. had raised 26 million USD in Series B funding from Intel Capital and WRVI Capital among other investors. The main aim of the deal is to drive the market expansion of its Supply Chain Digital Visibility Platform, which will bring unprecedented visibility, efficiency, and responsiveness to supply chains in any industry.

Intel Capital and WRVI Capital led the round. Incoming investors BluePointe Ventures, Bold Capital Partners, Mahindra Partners, and Tandem Capital also participated. This financing will bring Cloudleaf’s total institutional funding to 39 million USD.

Cloudleaf Chief Executive Officer Mahesh Veerina is excited to announce the participation of some of the industry’s most esteemed investors. This collaboration will help Cloudleaf to convert the technology leadership into market leadership.

Cloudleaf is serving many industries, including pharmaceutical & life sciences, food & beverage, advanced manufacturing, and other industries. The capital will be utilized to empower the rapid expansion of its addressable markets and enterprise customer base.

The Digital Visibility Platform of Cloudleaf consists of IoT, AI/ML, and advanced analytics. This platform can deliver real-time, comprehensive, end-to-end insights into supply chain operations. This service is provided from suppliers, through production and distribution, to customers.

Cloudleaf technology can process billions of events per second. It can improve operations and integrated business planning systems with real-time delivery of diagnostic and predictive insights such as location and temperature.

The improved platform can be evaluated using the Cloudleaf Visibility Index. This platform is made for the thousands of enterprises who are challenged by the need to manage significant asset and product flows. Partnering with impact innovator of enterprise digitization will improve the platform. Katerra, one of WRVI Capital’s portfolio investments will provide end-to-end visibility across the supply chain to Cloudleaf.

Cloudleaf, which was funded by Sriram Viswanathan, looks to improve the visibility of product flow and condition. It will create significant value across the end-to-end supply chain network. Customers can play a significant role by increasing revenues, reducing material losses, and enhancing the reliability of operations.

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