How Successful has Netflix's Mobile Plan in India Been?


Ecstatic at the success of its Rs 199 mobile-only plan that it launched in India in August, Netflix is going to replicate the plan in other global markets too, the company's Chief Product Officer Gregory K Peters has said.

The Rs 199 mobile subscription plan in the Indian market is Netflix's fourth Indian plan, in addition to the existing basic, standard and premium plans which are priced between Rs 499 and Rs 799.

"We've been very, very happy with the mobile plan. It's actually performing better than we tested. We'll look at testing that in other markets because we think there are other markets which has similar conditions that make it likely that that's going to be successful for us there as well," Peters said during the streaming giant's Q3 earnings call with analysts on Wednesday.

"We think about revenue is the guiding principle for as we do these different tests and trying to figure out, what is the right set of plans that have the right benefits, the right features that are delivered at the right price for the subscribers in any given market.

"And I think what we're exploring is as we are operating in markets that have very, very different conditions, very different levels of affluence and other forms of entertainment competition, etc," he added.

Peters said the company is also going look at other plan structures and other feature value benefits in see different market conditions.

"We'll see them as we roll out and we'll respond to them based on what our consumers in those markets," the Netflix executive said.

Neflix also said the second season of 'Sacred Games' has been its most watched show in the country.

"To date, we have globally released 100 seasons of local language, original scripted series from 17 countries and have plans for over 130 more in 2020. We also plan to expand our investment in local language original films and unscripted series," said the company.

Netflix added 6.8 million subscribers in the third quarter of this year internationally, compared to seven million it had forecast, even as the streaming giant braces for stiff competition as Apple and Disney prepare to launch similar services.

Source: IANS