Fortifying Resources through EAM Reinforces Your Growth Curve: Shyamala J

Fortifying Resources through EAM Reinforces Your Growth Curve: Shyamala J

Time and again, one of the most common problems faced by the cement industry is effectively balancing demand with supply. With increasing urbanization threatening to break this slender balance, the value of asset management in the cement industry has become crucial.

The key factor defining one’s survival in the cement industry is the ability to stay competitive, scalable, and cost effective, primarily through managing the company's assets efficiently, in an ever-changing landscape. 

Relevance of EAM in the cement industry

EAM streamlines every aspect of asset management and delivers visible results in terms of optimal equipment performance and return on assets (ROA) - huge benefits for a highly competitive industry, like the Cement industry. The primary goal of an EAM is to: 

• Organize assets into related groups and manage the entire asset lifecycle with complete visibility across the enterprise

• Collaborate automated asset data collection and management across all production plants to ensure a consistent asset maintenance protocol

• Maintain a methodically documented asset operation and maintenance workflow and provide open access across all production units and all types of Preventive, Predictive and Plant Shutdown maintenance planning 

• Ensure a stable balance between maintenance-ready and operation-ready production assets by adopting an ideal time management approach and working along with Production planned targets

Let's take a peek at how EAM achieves these goals.

Integrating enterprise functionality with asset management

Any comprehensive solution can be effective only when integrated with the rest of the enterprise's functionalities. The era of Internet of Things ensures enterprise applications talk to each other! Connected apps send real-time data through IoT, to help improve collaboration between the asset performance, operations and the maintenance.

A comprehensive EAM solution effortlessly incorporates every aspect of an asset's lifecycle from procurement to retirement within other essential enterprise processes such as finance, human capital management, and logistics. This well-linked structure supports a scalable system that can robustly face change in an ever-innovative environment. 

Creating a structured asset hierarchy

Defining a standard asset hierarchy clears unwarranted bottlenecks from the process and establishes clear parent-child relationships within groups of assets. This grouping helps plan maintenance and off time effectively with the parent at the core and the child assets management automatically scheduled with respect to the parent's schedule, thus preventing revenue leakage through unplanned equipment downtime.

For instance for every mother Kiln equipment, a user can assign pre heaters, auxiliary drivers, main drivers, coolers as its child equipment. This will help organizations maintain an equipment history.

Effective resource management

EAM helps plan resource utilization smoothly, establishing automated forecasts and reminders to manage maintenance schedules after considering all variables sourced from real-time data - including employee work schedules, equipment downtime, and production schedule. This ensures optimal management of assets without compromising on operational goals. 

Scalable solutions to thrive in an innovative environment

A seamless fabric of interconnected EAM helps leverage futuristic, intuitive, and cognitive technologies, such as cloud, mobility, remote equipment monitoring, and IOT, to scale up smoothly with every update. This approach helps the enterprise adopt new business models and reap maximum benefits from the latest technology offerings such as multichannel access anytime from anywhere and real-time decision-making in case of an emergency. With a mobile integrated app, one can capture real-time parameters on the move, ensuring on time reporting of assets, fleet management for route planning and timely delivery.