Coffee Chains; A Growing Business In India

Bangalore: After a long tiring day, a cup of coffee can mean many things. Along with bringing back the lost energy, a cup of coffee can also cheer up the mood, bring people closer to each other and many more. These might be the reasons; the coffee shops are increasing in India.

India has been the best quality tea and coffee producer in the world and the Indian government has been earning hefty revenues from the tea and coffee exports. But, over the last few years, ‘The Indian Ready-to-Drink’ (RTD) has seen a praiseworthy growth. Reports say that the Indian market has already touched the 1,000 crore mark and in the coming years, the market is expected to reach 2,250 crore mark.

‘Zee News’ has listed some of the Coffee chains in India, who not only relinquishes tiredness but has also proved that coffee parlors can also be one of the best businesses in today’s market.

1. Cafe Coffee Day (CCD)

Café Coffee Day, which is popularly called as the CCD, is the most loved coffee shop in India. CCD is the largest chain of coffee cafes in India. It is a branch of the largest coffee conglomerate in India, Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company (ABCTC).

CCD started serving coffee on July 11, 1996 in Bangalore, Karnataka. Since then, CCD never looked back and has attracted coffee lovers of all the age groups. The quality and taste of the CCD’s coffees along with the interiors and the hospitality in the CCD cafes are the key factor to ignite the drowning mood of the customers.

The founder and the most important man behind all the success of CCD is V.G. Siddhartha. Siddhartha’s honest and humble efforts to provide the best quality coffee to the Indian coffee lovers has made it possible for CCD to become the ‘Most Popular Hangout Joint Amongst Youth’ (2011), ‘India’s Most Popular Coffee Joint’ (2011) and many more.

With more than 1300 outlets across the twenty-eight states in India, CCD is expecting to have 2000 outlets by the end of 2014.

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