Bizarre Products Endorsed By Celebs

BANGALORE: Celebrities endorsing products is not a new phenomenon or something that lets us question the ‘Why’ factor. This is a huge way for product companies to rope in customers so that they can sell more products. But it’s also a side income for celebrities apart from their main source of income that is the line of work they are in.

Well, when celebs start endorsing strange and unlikely products, it brings in a question of the ‘Why’ factor. Whatever the reasons may be, it’s hilarious when you think of the product with the celeb in your mind, because they just seem to not fit. So here are some of those bizarre endorsements by celebs.  

Face Fitness:

This is one of the most unusual and unlikely kind of endorsement. Well first of all, the face fitness tool is to be placed in the mouth as the ends flap, which according to the experts is to help the face. Guess who endorsed it? Cristiano Ronaldo!

Yes, you read it right. One of the most prolific or the greatest footballer right now, endorsed the product for the Japanese company.

Pimp Juice:

This is an energy drink in the U.S that is non-carbonated. Guess who decided to endorse it? Well most young adults and older would remember this flamboyant rapper and singer whose songs have been played in colleges, parties and clubs—Nelly!  

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