Top 10 Companies with Best Business Outlook

Bangalore: The growth of any business depends mostly on the optimism of its employees, and then comes the outlook of the business. While the positive optimism of the employees can take a business from nowhere to the top, the negative optimism can bring an epic downfall to the business.

Recently, Glassdoor carried out a survey on some of the top companies and rated each of these companies, based on the optimism of their employees and their business outlook. Indian IT leader, Tata Consultancy Service (TCS) also became one of the companies with the best business outlook.

1. Google
Company Rating: 4.2

No doubt Google is the best search engine around the globe. This search giant is also known as one of the best companies with most favorable and friendly working environment for the employees. In terms of flexibility of working and annual packages, Google holds the best rank among all other global companies.

When asked to Google employees about the business outlook of their company, eighty-six percent of the employees said that their company is doing better and it is one of the best companies.

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