The Comeback of Small Business Once Extinct

BANGALORE: The once prosperous jobs in demand and catering to the needs of the people gradually made way for new inventions and businesses. Small business wrapped itself under the shadow of industrialization. But recently there has been a growing space for faded small business and these are on its path to recovery. As seen by the following small businesses are stated for big comeback.

Hat-Maker: Recalling the fashion trend in the world, Hat was the most exclusive accessory to be worn with elegance.

It was the time when hat-business was on its peak, be it anywhere from the British Royals to Indian Royal factor. Hats were adorned for a feel of royalty and pride. After few decades might be the rising heat or changing trend in hair-styles, covering the hair was shrugged off. The sagging business is again in limelight with the growing popularity of hats all around. Indian parties on the beach are empty without it and thus the business seems to getting back on track.

The Butcher: The butchering business took a backseat when supermarkets flooded the food sector. The butchers had to stay away with the growing popularity of the packaged meat and people were bended more towards the hygiene factor. Its slowing down business was worrisome, until recently the business is seen back to streets. The reason behind their comeback is the people’s need for a specialized cut meat, and of course the freshness. Only a Nawab can understand the importance of a clean cut meat. As for the hygiene factor, most butchers returning to business are taking care of it with high-class machineries and clean storing space.

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