SunTec Joins Hands with Global IT Major Capgemini

SunTec Joins Hands with Global IT Major Capgemini

Kerala headquartered SunTec, which teamed up with global IT major Capgemini on Wednesday, announced the launch of Xelerate Digital Core, a low risk approach for banks to accelerate their digital transformation journey without having to replace their functionally stable legacy core systems.

SunTec has teamed up with Capgemini to bring personalised customer engagement solutions to global financial services clients with Xelerate Digital Core.

With Xelerate Digital Core, banks can quickly adopt new technologies, add more functionality and capabilities, offer customised products and enhance the overall customer experience.

Emphasising on the simplicity of how this can be done, Nanda Kumar, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at SunTec, said their goal is to help banks de-link their digital transformation aspirations from the state of their legacy systems.

"Xelerate is simple as it minimises risk, leverages existing infrastructure and equips banks to own the customer experience. Agility is the driving force of all digital transformation journeys and it has been built to deliver on all the above parameters," said Nanda Kumar.

Anirban Bose, CEO at Capgemini Financial Services, said, "SunTec is an important part of our evolving partner ecosystem as we seek to offer the most powerful and relevant offerings to meet the needs of our global client base.

"Xelerate can be wrapped around legacy or modern infrastructures and enables banks to create customised lifestyle-based propositions, which is a key imperative for many of our banking clients as they seek to digitally transform," said Bose.

On what this has done to them, Colin Dinn, CTO of Siam Commercial Bank, said SunTec is helping the bank achieve its goals.

"We asked ourselves how do we stay relevant to our customers? We saw digital transformation as an imperative that we had to follow very quickly. What this means is that we can innovate faster and move a lot quicker," said Dinn.

SunTec, since it started here in the state capital in the late '90s, has grown to be a trusted partner of the world's leading banks, digital and communication service providers and has offices in the US, the UK, Germany, the UAE, Singapore and Australia.

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