Solutions Infini Merges with Ubiquity to Rebrand As 'Kaleyra'

Solutions Infini, a global business cloud communications provider rebranded to ‘Kaleyra’ as the result of their union with Italian company Ubiquity, a global messaging platform. The rebranding was aimed to deliver solutions to aid banks, enterprises and SMEs boost their customer experience.

Aniketh Jain, Managing Director – Cloud, Kaleyra, says, “The rebranding marks a significant step in company’s growth as we are now redefining ourselves as an evolving global Cloud Communications platform. We pride ourselves on our relationship with our customers and our ability to transform the way businesses communicate with their audience through intelligent Messaging, Voice, and Fintech service.”

Kaleyra, will be now headed by its Founder, Chairman and CEO, Dario Calogero along with Aniketh Jain, Managing Director - Cloud and Ashish Agarwal, Chief Technology Officer. It’s unique and closed source platforms helps to manage integrated and multi-channel communication services and it has the capability to manage more than 2bn+ notifications every month. With an objective to touch the turnover to €100 Million, Kaleyra targets to expand their base and markets for businesses to communicate with a better understanding and customer satisfaction.

Dario Calogero, Founder, Chairman & CEO, Kaleyra, comments, “Through the rebranding process, we wish to create a brand that stands out and lets people know that there is a simpler solution to a complex problem. With Kaleyra, our brand now portrays a sense of youthfulness, drive and energetic passion towards changing the way that businesses communicate.”

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