Lineup Management Services Introduces new B2B Tool named 'Lineup'

Lineup Management Services Introduces new B2B Tool named 'Lineup'

Lineup Management Services, a new software startup located in Washington, DC launched its first commercially available business-to-business (B2B) platform called ‘lineup’, a simple, intuitive tool used by associations and organizations in the assessment industry to build the best work teams possible and optimize team performance. The new B2B tool helps organization build the best work teams possible and optimize performance.

Speaking about the platform, Guillermo Ortiz de Zarate, President, Lineup Management Services, says, “The performance of a team depends greatly on the diversity of its talent.  Teams that have a mix of people with varying backgrounds, experience and training think differently. Participants are happier and more engaged, which leads to more discussion, possibility, innovation and, ultimately, better outcomes. It's with this knowledge we developed lineup. We wanted to make it easier for organizations to capture this data, filter on specific traits and build the best work teams possible”.

Making an official debut this week at the Association of Test Producers’ annual conference in Orlando, FL, Lineup is powered by a straightforward dashboard where users perform multiple functions such as upload and organize data; create and filter on customized tags; set up teams and assign positions; invite team members and track responses; view overlaps, over-use or underutilization; and, create and distribute evaluations. Team data is collected and stored centrally, making it easy for users to identify trends and make informed program improvements.

“Lineup is a great tool for any organization that regularly forms cross-functional teams and/or manages a robust dataset of traits and characteristics for its team members. It is particularly applicable for associations and test publishers. Not only does it save them time by automating a traditionally cumbersome, manual process, but it also harnesses valuable data they can use to make informed improvements that will increase engagement, enhance productivity and optimize performance”, added, Ortiz de Zarate.

Founded in 2017 and headquartered at Washington D.C, Lineup is an online workspace that simplifies the selection process and helps find the best talent for each project. The new tool allows capturing, store and search detailed information about the talent pool so the right person for the right position can be selected every time. 

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