Facebook, Google and Twitter Battle Goes Mobile

BANGALORE: It has been a fabulous year for the social networking site, Facebook. With growing mobile sector and expanding mobile users, Facebook sets itself right on the mobile portal. In the last three months this year Facebook saw its revenue soaring high with 72 percent growth along with major acquisitions like of WhatsApp.

The smartphones are seen in almost everyone's hand and thus the fierce battle to conquer people via smartphone have sent Facebook, Google and Twitter into the war zone. These are trying hard to attract by developing new products for their company to serve ads to mobile users through a varied range of apps.

Thus the world is viewing several announcements regarding this from these in-battle companies. Twitter recently announced that it would offer application install ads, a popular type of ads that prompts smartphone users to install new apps or delete the not-used ones. After this announcement was made, Google made it clear too that it would sell targeted app, install ads and allow advertisers to send users directly to specific pages within an app.

With these announced Facebook joined in the league with soon to offer a new mobile ad network which will allow marketers to use the personal data of users on Facebook and thus in turn will send targeted advertisements to them, even while they use non-facebook apps on their phones.

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