CallHealth & LiveHealth Collaborate to Facilitate 5500+ Healthcare Diagnostics in India

CallHealth & LiveHealth Collaborate to Facilitate 5500+ Healthcare Diagnostics in India

CallHealth, an integrated health care platform, joins hands with LiveHealth, a SaaS based end-to-end collaborative report management solution, to accelerate diagnostic healthcares in India that automates the entire life cycle of the customer’s diagnostic journey from sample on boarding to report delivery. With India reaching towards one billion+ smart phone users in 400 million households, CallHealth plans to integrate with over 5,500 Diagnostic Labs and Imaging centres by FY2020.

Talking about the partnership, Hari Thalapalli, CEO, CallHealth, says, “The tie-up with LiveHealth will not only help create deep integration within the provider ecosystem, it will also change the speed and manner in which customers can access, interpret and use their diagnostic report results. This partnership will thus enable faster sample collection, instrument interfacing and barcoding, comprehensively manage the customer’s health information and ensure reports provide real-time intuitive health insights that are instantly accessible to the customer.”

CallHealth is a technology-powered health care company. It has built the fully integrated virtual and mobility Platform that brings everything about health to the customer’s doorstep. The Platform provides timely and efficient service to the customer. It has build the capability to bring together all services such as track each service, capture and analyse the health data, provide Doctor with AI enabled clinical decision support. It’s Services include Prevention, wellness, cure and care. 

The collaboration with LiveHealth platform that has over 2200 installations across India and 20+ countries will help CallHealth in quicker delivery of reports in urban as well as rural markets, from Diagnostic and Imaging Lab Partners enabling CallHealth expansion in 1000+ cities and towns in India. LiveHealth has aggressive transformation in the global diagnostic space by providing the healthcare provider with high-end technology to deliver a complete digital experience to all stakeholders. LiveHealth redefined the day-to-day operations handled by diagnostic centre. It enables faster, cost effective, quality driven approach to diagnostic business management. It enables their patients to track their samples and maintain lifelong medical records and make monetary transaction from their home, which helps the diagnostic centre achieve high patient Satisfaction.  

Initially, CallHealth will prioritize the on boarding of Lab partners with LiveHealth in new markets. Customers will be shared the reports of CallHealth’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning capability. The Actionable Insights to consumers and clinicians will be derived by leveraging CallHealth’s clinical protocol capabilities and LiveHealth’s AI driven insights from the proprietary data dictionary. Faster Growth Rate, with natural interaction between CallHealth and LiveHealth, they can expand their space and provide better service model such as Platform as a Service.  The companies will also provide cloud-based Laboratory Information Management System for Customers, Clinicians and qualified medical professional.

Abhimanyu Bhosle, CEO & Co-Founder, LiveHealth states, “LiveHealth thrives to deliver the best connected, simpler & safer experience through our products. And to do this, we work with healthcare providers in the most consolidated manner, to know more about how records are generated, where technology can deliver its best, and how patient experience can be improved. Tie-up with CallHealth, India’s leading enterprise in the space it operates in will ensure LiveHealth puts its protocols for use of a wider range of customers.”