Bosch in Partnership with MTU Friedrichshafen Establishes a Digital Acceleration Center in Bangalore

On the 29th of January 2019, Robert Bosch Engineering & Business Solutions (RBEI) launched the first of its kind Digital Acceleration Centre for MTU Friedrichshafen.  The Center is based on the principles of co-operation, co-investment & co-innovation to explore (converting ideas to minimum viable product (MVP)) and exploit (focus on scaling and industrialization of digital solutions) market opportunities. This new initiative will greatly enhance MTU’s digital journey so that it can address the market with speed, agility and scalability.  Commenting on the success of the partnership Jürgen Winterholler, Vice President Digital Solutions at MTU stated, “In our MTU digital journey Bosch is one of our most important strategic partners. Bosch is supporting us across our digital challenges – in IT, Internet of Things (IoT) and the development of applications. We have a great experience with our relationship,”. In addition, to compliment this digital journey, Bosch will also set up exclusive UX, and UI labs for MTU Digital Solutions.

The vision of MTU- a core unit of Rolls-Royce Power Systems and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of large diesel and gas engines, is to create a human centred approach to delivering the best possible user experience. To the highlight of this aspect, K Swaminathan (Global Head - Sales and marketing, RBEI) stated, “It is very important to have a good user experience and the digital product has to be understood by the people easily, to understand its applications and also develop the right services based on the generated data. If the User experience is not good then one cannot motivate the development of new business products.”

RBEI is further working on the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) programs of MTU digital that include digital twins, connected engines, FOTA (flashing over the air) and other products on MTU’s signature digital platform.“This partnership will enable us to scale up to the needs of our digitalization efforts without losing the edge on speed and agility. By covering the end to end product lifecycle including technology on the one hand, and user experience and development on the other we are able to bridge one of the most difficult gaps in digitalization“, said Daniel Eberle, Chief Design and Technology Officer at MTU.

 Furthermore with regard to strengthening the collaboration, Vijay Ratnaparkhe, President and Managing Director, Robert Bosch averred “MTU is a pioneer in digital transformation and our collaboration will strengthen our engagement in sensors, software and services,” while Kiran Sundara Raman, Vice President, maintained that as a strategy collaboration, co-investment and co-innovation will ensure a successful partnership between the two digital leaders.

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