BRICS Nations' Efforts Will Strengthen International System: U.S.

Washington: The efforts of BRICS nations to engage in global multilateral institutions will help in strengthening the "international system", the US has said. "We've reviewed the leaders' Delhi declaration and believe that their engagement in multilateral institutions, global multilateral institutions, can only strengthen our international system as well as we appreciated their comments in support of the global economic recovery," State Department spokesperson Mark Toner said at his daily news conference. Toner also allayed apprehensions that BRICS nations move towards a joint developmental bank will duplicate the efforts of other multilateral institutions. The US also welcomed the commitment of BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) to Afghanistan's future in supporting the global economic recovery. Stressing that there were no differences with BRICS nations on the issue of import of Iranian oil, he said the US was "engaged in close consultations" with governments on the requirements of its specific law. "In all our consultations, we're making very clear the importance of reducing reliance on Iranian oil, and also unwinding countries' business dealings with the Central Bank of Iran, and we're going to continue those discussions," he said. Asked about the stand of BRICS nations over military options against Iran, Toner said President Barack Obama has already made it clear that "no option has been taken off the table" and there was "still time" for a diplomatic solution.
Source: PTI