Art of Persuasion: The Success Mantra for Smart Leaders









Bangalore: Those days no longer exist in the corporate and business world where command-and-control of executives managing by decree was at utmost power. Today business are managed and handled by educated, smart and by cross-functional teams of peers who show little tolerance for unquestioned authority. Today you have to appeal people by helping them see how they can improve and prosper by establishing some credibility, and by giving them some reason and help to get there.

Persuasion is regarded as one of the very affective art and it may also be more powerful than the command-and-control managerial model it succeeds. Forbes lists few important principles of persuasion which is regarded as very important to run an organization or business smoothly.

1. What is Persuasion?

Many confuse persuasion with manipulation, while both have a huge difference.  Manipulation is compulsion through force to get someone to do something that is not in their own will.  Persuasion is the art to convince people to listen to you and understand your point of view and get things done accordingly.

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