Agrahyah Technologies Announces launch of AOP (Alexa on Phone) for Android

Agrahyah Technologies Announces launch of AOP (Alexa on Phone) for Android

The Mumbai based innovative voices solutions company- Agrahyah Technologies announced the launch of ‘AOP App’ for Android on the 3rd of January 2019. The App is all set to allow users access Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa on the go.

Alexa on Phone (AOP) was developed by Agrahyah Technologies to help people access the voice assistant even when they are away from home or office where they usually access Alexa via Amazon’s Echo range of smart speakers. Speaking about this development, Sreeraman Thiagarajan, Co-founder, Agrahyah Technologies states, “Increasingly people are using Alexa at home and getting used to the comfort of getting things done from a virtual voice assistant, and we wanted to empower people with a choice where they can summon Alexa independent of a devices tethered to a wall socket.” The AOP is further free to download and use, with the requirement of the users Amazon login ID. With an availability across the globe the App functions in multiple languages including Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Italian and English (India, US, UK, Australia, and Canada.)

Agrahyah Technologies that had been awarded Agency of The Year and Agency of The Year – Top Influencer in 2018 , worked closely with Amazon’s Alexa teams including ASK (Alexa skills kit) and AVS (Alexa voice services. Agrahyah is among the handful of recommended agency by Amazon for Alexa Skills development in India.) Rushabh Vasa, co-founder of Agrahyah Technologies avered, “Alexa is a versatile voice assistant who lives on the cloud, today you can find her on TV and other home appliances, but we wanted to give her a new home by the way of making her available on user’s phone.”

With AOP app installed on a phone, people can invoke Alexa to call a cab, listen to jokes, play a quiz, or get answers to their questions, in other words, the Skills they have enabled on their Amazon ID will seamlessly work here too. 

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