9 Most Exclusive Hotel Brands In The World

BANGALORE: Not every day, one visits to a luxury hotel. For most of us it’s still an inspirational dream that might get fulfilled someday while there are others who are in search of such magnificent hotels for business, honeymoons or a chilled out vacation.

Every person wants the best location for the holiday spot, especially when it comes to comfort, no compromises! And, if you are searching over the globe to find out what could be the next destination to spend your leisure time for the coming holiday or any trip, then here is the list of top 9 luxurious hotel chains to look upon in the world.

1. Banyan Tree

There were days when merchants would gather under the leafy branches of a banyan tree to conduct business in the cooling shade. Over time, this unique tree has come to symbolise the relief and shelter provided by nature to all men and women.

Today, it is also the name of a special group of ultra-luxury hotels that stretch across the globe and offers rest and relaxation to the world-weary. With attentive, yet discreet staff, Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts provide naturally-luxurious, ecologically sensitive, culture-aware experiences for the discerning, responsible traveller.

The philosophy behind the hotels, resorts, residences, spas, retail galleries and destination club is based on rejuvenation of the body, mind and soul and a Sanctuary for the Senses.

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