8 Unbelievable Businesses in Asia

Bangalore: Asia is the home to more than fifty percent of the total population of the earth. Multiple cultures, traditions and rituals can be easily seen in Asia and the Asian countries are becoming the attraction to most of the people around the corner.

Asia is so filled with creative and innovative ideas. Some of these ideas are revolutionary, while some of these ideas might make people wonder, whether it is real or imaginary. Rajeshni Naidu-Ghelani from ‘CNBC’ has talked about eight business ideas from the Asian countries which seems unbelievable and are capable to give goose-bumps to anyone.

1. Air for Sale

This might sounds totally unbelievable, yet this is true! Chen Guangbiao, a multi millionaire from China claims to have sold almost eight million cans of fresh air to the residents of Beijing city in mere ten days time.

China is considered as one of the most developed nations in the world. With the growth of technology, life in China is becoming fast as well as equivalently tough; China is also considered as one of the highly polluted nations in the world.

Chen Guangbiao got the idea of selling ‘Canned Fresh Air’ in Beijing, when he found the people of Beijing choking due to the increasing carbon dioxide in the air. He collected these air cans from pollution-free regions of China. To make the people, feel more refreshed, Chen Guangbiao added flavors to the air cans.

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