8 Mugs of Delight: What Your Coffee Tells About You?

Bangalore: The bond between Indians and coffee dates back to the 1870s. Initially the beverage was not warmly accepted but as the clock ticked and time passed, the changing lifestyle trends have made coffee one of the most cherished drinks among Indians.

The craze was truly visible when Mumbai witnessed the long queues in front of the global coffee major Starbuks’ first outlet in India last October.

However, it is said that the type of coffee you choose tells a lot about your personal character and taste. Read on to know what your cuppa says about you, as listed by The Economic Times.

1. Espresso
What Your Coffee Tells About You:
Espresso lovers are friendly and easily adaptive. You really like the taste of the coffee, an exceptional but commendable trait. It is regarded as the unfiltered cigarette of the coffee kingdom and it says that Espresso drinkers tend to be moody, hard-edged and hard working. They possess leadership qualities and love challenges.

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