7 People Who Made Fortunes In The Most Unusual Ways

BANGALORE: What is the most effective way to earn more money-hard work and smart hard work. For this what people will do? They study all their life or strive hard in their business, go through ups and downs of the struggle period and then too if they are fortunate enough, they might able to build a big empire.

But what if you don’t have to push too much, which means not much struggle, no smart business and loads of money in your bank. Yes, there are few people in this world who have done this; they have earned more than from the usual ones in strange ways. And if you are eager to know more about them, here is the list of people who got rich in most strange ways as compiled by ScoopWhoop.

1. Bharat Jain, Beggar

Bharat Jain, Rich Begger

He earns around 75, 000 a month which is far more than a normal engineer’s salary who are also working 8-10 hours a day. Apart from the bulk of money he is earning, Jain also owns flats and shops in Mumbai.

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