6 Most Popular Indian Ads

Bangalore: Ads plays an important role in the marketing strategy of any company. The stronger the strategy gets, the popular the company becomes.

India has a very high number of television lovers. Most of the Indian ads starts from the television. These ads represents the motto of each of the companies for a fixed period of time and after a certain period, these ads gets replaced with some other ads.

But some ads are there in India which has been extensively popular among the viewers and has become one of the main identity marks for the companies. Some of these ads are listed below.  

1. Fevicol

Tagline: Fevicol ka majbut jor hai

Fevicol has always proved that advertisement can bring in a lot of difference in the marketing strategy. Most of its ads were very catchy and was liked by the Indian audiences.

An Indian girl carrying several clay pots on her head and some naughty kids trying to break those pots with their catapult. Even after lot of tries, the kids fails to distract the girl and she successfully reaches her destination.

In other ad, Fevicol featured a lonely mother who was getting distracted as her kid was moving here and there. Without finding any option, she places the kid on a tin of Fevicol. The rest part of the ad is still remembered by all the audiences; the kid doesn’t move at all.

Fevicol also came up with an ad where a newly married couple was travelling in a train. One of the Bollywood divas was also travelling in the same train. The bridegroom had a dream where the diva was calling him and he was struggling hi best to reach her but was not able to. On opening his eyes, he realizes that he was sitting beside a box of fevicol.

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