4 Indians In Forbes Heroes Of Philanthropy List

BANGALORE: Four Indians have made it on the latest annual Forbes list of 'Heroes Of Philanthropy in Asia pacific'. The list comprises of 48 people in which four people from many countries like China, Hong Kong, Japan are on it. Forbes said that the people from the list have contributed generously to the society that includes billionaires and fewer known people. Read on to find out more about these billionaires, as compiled by the Rediff.

# Ajay Piramal: The Chairman of the Piramal Group, Ajay Piramal is an Indian businessman, whose estimated worth according to the Forbes in 2010 was $1.6 billion. His works include the plan of delivering better healthcare solutions and providing clean drinking water through his Foundation. According to the report on the Forbes, Ajay Piramal has donated close to $6 million over the past 4 years to the Piramal foundation to provide good resources to the public.

# Rohini Nilekani: Rohini Nilekani, the wife of the Infosys Co-founder, is one of the most noted good Samaritans on the list, who has donated close to $40 million over the years for the welfare of the society. She is the founder of the charitable trust ‘Arghyam’, which works towards providing safe water for all and preserving the eco system. Arghyam also supports projects to protect the ground water and improve sanitation facilities in India and has also made donations from her sale of Infosys shares.

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