2013's Small Businesses That Can Fetch You Big Bucks

Bangalore: Can money buy happiness? Arguably many people will agree and many won’t! But there is no doubt about the fact that money definitely can reduce your stress and provide you better opportunities to live your life.

There are many ways to earn money and people nowadays are trying each and every possible way to start with something new. But, the key reason that is holding them back would be the fear of heavy investment and lack of fruitful ideas.

Read on to know 11 small business ideas for 2013 which you can start with a minimum investment.

1. Accessories Designer

If you are interested in creative things and like to design many innovative accessories and products then you can start your own small business.

Hamsa Vamanan and Priyanka, they were two close friends and both had a passion for art. They decided that they should put their creative ideas in such things that people will be interested to buy and will be affordable as well. And this single thought brought “Paaduka” into existence.

Once they had the idea there was no looking back. Launching a Facebook page in 2011 they decided to market their products in their college itself. After they became pretty famous and started grabbing many orders, the college suggested them to join Tata NEN initiative. Also known as Tata First Dot, it encourages students to start up businesses even before they graduate. Both Hamsa and Priyanka are now successful business women.

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