15 Nations Sending Highest Remittances to India

6. Canada

Indian expats who are staying in Canada send home as much as $3,145 million.

Canada is a North American country that has the world’s eleventh largest economy. It is one of the countries that exports energy.

7. Nepal

Nepal is a country that had been a part of India and was later separated and became a separate country. We find a lot of Nepalese who are residing in India for their education purposes.

Since Nepal was a part of India, there are Indians who still have continued to stay because of many different reasons. One of the main reason is work and business.

Indian expats who stay in Nepal remit $ 2,934 million to their home country, India.

8. Oman

It is said that there are more number of Indians residing in Oman than the local people. History shows that Indians have been staying from past 100 years.

Report shows that Indian expats who stay in Oman remit $2,373 million to India.

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