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15 Nations Sending Highest Remittances to India

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, 21 May 2013, 13:41 Hrs   |    10 Comments
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3. Saudi Arabia

The total Indian population count in Saudi Arabia back in 2000 was more than 1,500,000, which constitutes seven percent of total Indian population. Report shows that, people who work in Saudi Arabia send $7,621 million to their home as a remittance.

Apart for that, in fresh trouble for Indians in Saudi Arabia, the authorities in Saudi Arabia have refused to accept new passports issued by Indian diplomatic missions.

Saudi Arabia authorities have declined to transfer data from old passports to the new ones submitted by Indian expatriates for updating, saying they have not received any official information on modification.

(With PTI inputs)

4. U.K.

It is one of the countries that is well developed and is the sixth largest economy in the world after Germany and France. U.K. offers outstanding opportunities in the field of education and occupation for the Indians. Research shows that about 66 percent of Indian girls achieved five or more general certificate of secondary education passed at the grades of A to C. This rate was better when compared to the white girls that were 55 percent.

Infact, Indian expats who stay in U.K send $3,904 million to their home yearly.

5. Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a developing country and is the eighth most populous country in the world. It is reported that there are Indians who are staying in Bangladesh and there are about 500,000 Indians presently residing.

People who are migrating to Bangladesh illegally are from West Bengal, Meghalaya, Assam, Tripura and Mizoram. According to the government authorities of the country, most of them come in search of job opportunities and mostly work in NGOs, garments and textile industries.

These Indians remit $3,716 million to their home country and the number is expected to increase in next few years.

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Reader's comments(10)
1: what is this ?? NEPAL is part of india. I'm sorry but, Your SLAVE MIND still didn't changed at all. NEPAL WAS NEVER PART OF INDIA AND ALSO NEVER COLONIZED BY BRITISH. Mr. Editor please correct this.
Posted by:Unish Joshi - 29 Sep, 2015
Nepal is not even listed here. What type of idiot are you?
What Replied to: Unish Joshi - 02 Jan, 2017
3: stupid people Nepal was a free country from past is on present and will be on future . Why u stupid Indian people always try to make Nepal part of India .
Posted by:sumesh - 28 Sep, 2015
4: Are you still studying in your British slave school ???? When the f**k was Nepal a part of India?? You dumb author sure dont have any hint that India is a country just 67 years old... Correct it immediately or you will pay the price brother.
Posted by:Bijay - 28 Sep, 2015
5: to the editor
Nepal was never a part of india please edit that line.
Nepal was never colonized even when there was East India Company ruling over India. I am a Nepali and I find it offensive. Hope you will correct it.
Posted by:Bishal Tamang - 28 Sep, 2015
6: wrong data . hugely misleading.

1. 'Indians' staying in Sri Lanka are remitting to India: Who told you? Tamil speaking people of SL are integral populace of SL. they are not Indians!

2. Sri Lanks has highest GDP: Dont make us laugh! they're not in first 100.

3. 5 lacs Indians working in Bangladesh and remits 4 Bn USD to India: Have you completely lost it? that makes each Indian staying in BD remits an average 8000 USD each year. Are they all CEOs in bangladeshi organisations?

Pls dont waste common people's time unnecessarily!
Posted by:Ani - 24 May, 2014
Hey man look $8000 equivalent BDT 640,000.00 equivalent to IRP around 550,000.00 average per month IRS 45000.00,
Whats wrong with that!! you Bloddy Indian infiltrated our country but spread rumors only Bangladeshi Infiltrated to Its Border!
There are lot of Rendian working in our school , buying house, Media, factories everywhere with out any proper workpermit
Sam Man Zam Replied to: Ani - 08 Dec, 2015
8: From where did your correspondent get the info that remittances to India from Bangladesh by Indians there amounts to nearly $ 4 billion?
Posted by:G Balachandran - 02 May, 2014
9: CHodo india....
Posted by:hate India - 16 Feb, 2014
10: Please Note, Nepal was never been part of India, and Nepal was never colonized even by British, please immediately correct your statement.
Posted by:Shashi Bhattarai - 21 May, 2013