13 Fascinating Facts About Starbucks

2. Starbucks Have 87,000 Possible Drink Combinations

They have a huge menu but 87,000 combinations? No one in dreams will ever think of that.  Starbucks spokeswoman Lisa Passé told Wall Street Journal: "If you take all of our core beverages, multiply them by the modifiers and the customization options, you get more than 87,000 combinations.”

3. Overindulging Size

They started with 8 oz cups in Seattle; gradually they added 12 oz, 16 oz then dropped the 8 oz and finally have 30 oz Trenta. The Trenta is slightly bigger than a human stomach with capacity 916 ml. On an average the stomach has a capacity of 900 ml. A Starbucks Grande coffee has 320 milligrams of caffeine, over four times the amount of caffeine in a Red Bull.

4.  Their Cinnamon Chip Scone Has More Calories Than A Quarter Pounder

The Cinnamon Chip Scone has more calories than a Quarter Pounder. Along with the famous coffee, Starbucks is a mega pastry vendor. John Moore, who was a Corporate Marketing Manager at Starbucks in 2002 and writes the Brand Autopsy blog says, "If taken solely as a retailer of pastries, it would be the largest in the U.S. Though the Cinnamon Chip is delicious and irresistible but it also contains 480 calories- 70 calories which is more than the Quarter Pounder sandwich of McDonald’s.

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