10 Most Expensive Commercials Ever Made

3) President George W. Bush’s Political ad campaign
Budget: $14.2 Million Electoral Campaign

This political ad campaign was telecasted in 2004 by the former America’s president George Bush. It is the third most expensive ads that were ever made in the history. This ad was made based on President Bush and a small girl who had lost her mother on the tragic day of 9/11.

However, when look at it from the production aspect, this commercial might not be as expensive as the others from the list, but running the ad for several weeks across nine prominent states costed  the “Progress for America Voter Fund“ a whopping amount of $14.2 million.

2) Guinness Beer
Budget: $13.4 Million Campaign

Guinness Beer ad was called as the “Tipping Point”. This ad is popular for not using any special effects and used the concept of falling dominoes with real life objects. With the timeline of 1:34 seconds the ad shows 6000 objects falling on each other continuously as a chain action. In the end it forms a beer glass along with a tagline “Good things come to an end”.

1) Chanel 5
Budget: $33 Million Campaign

This $33 million commercial was directed by Baz Lurhrmann in the year 2004. The ad was inspired by his previous movie “Moulin Rouge” which featured Nicole Kidman. The screenplay and visuals of the ad resembles the movie to a large extent.

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