10 Companies with Highest R&D Expenditures

Bangalore: Innovative ideas are the key to success. With the increasing number of customers, the companies have to keep themselves updated to match the customer’s needs and requirements.

Most of the companies set up their research and development teams, to keep them updated with technology, safety and customer’s requirements.

R&D centers play the most important role in this. ‘Rediff’ has listed 10 companies, who tops in the R&D spending around the globe.

1. Toyota
Sector: Automobiles
Global Rank: 1
Total R&D Spending: $9.9 Billion

Toyota is estimated to spend $1.1 million every hour on its R&D. This makes Toyota’s total R&D investment $26 million every day. With this figure, Toyota tops the list of companies spending on R&D across the globe.

Toyota carries all its R&D tests in Toyota Central R&D Labs. It employs both analytical as well as theoretical implementation. Toyota labs are equipped with the best electron microscopes to ensure perfection to the zenith of technology. Technology, style and cost are the best features of Toyota.

2. Samsung
Sector: Computing and Electronics
Global Rank: 2
Total R&D Spending: $9 Billion

Samsung stands second in this list. Its estimated spending on R&D is $9 billion.

Samsung is very particular on product Innovation. Samsung’s R&D has made it one of the toughest competitors in this list.

In India, Samsung has its R&D centers in Bangalore and Noida (NCR). Bangalore R&D centre carries out all the major operations and Noida center is responsible for the software solutions.

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