10 Best Indian Brands That Won Million Hearts

Bangalore: India is getting recognized globally in terms of its business conglomerates. Though many companies have got global recognition, there are few brands in India that can never go out of a consumer’s mind.

Economic Times along with Interbrand conducted a study on ‘Best Indian Brands of 2013’ in which Tata tops the list. The study was based on financial performances of the products or services, purchase decision based on the brand, and the product’s competitive strength. 

Here is a list of 10 best brands in India, listed by Economic Times.

1. Tata Group
Rank: 1
Brand Value: $10.9 billion

Tata won the hearts of millions of customers across the world with its cheapest products like Nano to the most sophisticated brand like Jagaur.  

According to R Gopalakrishnan, executive director of Tata Sons, “Tata stands for one thing when it's on a car; something different when it is on a watch and quite another when it's telecom. It also means diverse things to different stakeholders - customers want quality and reliability, shareholders want good returns and business partners want profits.”

The study showed that the main reason for the success of Tatas in different business sectors is the excellence, understanding, integrity unity and responsibility.

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