10 Ad Agencies That Created Most Successful Brands

Bangalore: Ad agencies are the most dynamic industry where most creative minds in the world exist. Infact, it’s all in the hands of the ad filmmakers to make or break a firm’s marketing campaign.

Since there is a growing demand for ad agencies in the world, Economic Times has listed top 10 advertising agencies across the world, ranked on the basis of their revenues.

1. WPP
Country: The United Kingdom
Major Clients: Colgate-Palmolive, HSBC And Vodafone

Revenue: $15.6 Billion

WPP is the world largest advertising agency. The company is headquartered in London and has about 165,000 employees across the world.

In terms of its revenue, WPP is the biggest ad agency with about 3000 offices across 110 countries.

It owns a number of advertising, public relations and market research networks, including Grey, Burson-Marsteller, Hill & Knowlton, JWT, Ogilvy Group, TNS, Young & Rubicam and Cohn & Wolfe.

The company was started in 1985 by Martin Sorrell. Initially he bought stake in a company that produced wire baskets at the same time looking for a marketing services across the globe. Over the decades, the company started buying stakes on number of firms that were renowned and later emerged as a powerful ad agency in the world. 

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