10 Popular Brands and Their Great Comeback Stories

Bangalore: Life, Death, Wealth and Fame are totally unpredictable! Neither of these four can be constrained nor can they be scheduled accordingly!

Talking about the corporate world, fame plays the most important role for any company. The popularity of any company depends on its fame. But, as we all know, fame is very much unpredictable and can hit the companies at any time. At times, fame comes early while at other times, fame arrives lately for the companies.

‘CNBC’ have mentioned 10 companies, who were once at the peak of popularity, but lost their popularity in between and also have regained it. They have regained their lost popularity in such a way; they are once again the ‘big daddy’ of the market.

1. Apple

The 1980s were the most fruitful for this legendary computer company. However, the 1990s came with a blow for the same computer giant. Apple’s popularity graph fell down drastically in the 1990s and at one point, it seemed impossible for Apple to regain its market value.

But the comeback of Steve Jobs to Apple brought back newer dimensions to the legend of the past. With the introduction of iPods, iPads and iPhone, Apple created a revolution in the tech industry and etched its name in a whole new way.

Today, Apple is considered as one of the most desired companies in the Tech market. Most of the products of Apple have their own demand among the tech lovers and Apple has been extremely successful in creating a niche for itself.

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