10 CEOs with Multi Million Retirement Packages

Bangalore: A CEO is a person who is solely responsible for a company’s success and failure. And when it comes to make them happy, the companies provide them with facilities what most of you can only dream about. John H Hammergren, CEO McKesson, was the highest paid CEO of the year 2012 with an income of $131.19 million per year, reported Forbes. And the money keeps flowing even when they step out of their responsibilities with multi million retirement packages. Read on to know the CEOs of few of the biggest companies who walked out with multimillion retirement packages listed by Forbes.

1. Jack Welch
Company: General Electric
Package: $417 million
Tenure: 1981-2001
Global rank: 1

Jack Welch is an American business administrative as well as an author and former chemical engineer. He was the Chief Executive office of General Electric since 1981 till 2001. Throughout his term at GE, the company's worth rose 4000 percent. In the year 2006, Welch's net worth was expected near about $720 million.

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