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The Lifestyles Marketplace
si Team
Monday, March 2, 2009
SecondSpace is an online services company operating a network of highly immersive Web sites that enable people to make the most of the “second home” lifestyle. The company’s sites include ResortScape.com, LandWatch.com, and a fast-growing network of international and co-branded sites, including the Global New Homes & Resorts portal at WorldProperties.com, GOLF.com, and Reader’s Digest Web properties. These online properties connect out-of-region buyers with knowledgeable professionals who have a local presence in thousands of rural and resort communities across the Americas and around the world. People can explore areas, find local brokers, connect with other local service professionals and merchants, locate targeted merchandise, and learn about activities, experiences and attractions, all through a highly personalized experience. The sites are powered by SecondSpace’s innovative, patent-pending Lifestyle Search & Discovery ™ platform.

Headquartered in Bellevue, WA, SecondSpace is both a marketplace and highly targeted “lifestyle matchmaking” service. It connects highly qualified customers who are eager to buy with high quality businesses ready to serve.

“The SecondSpace lifestyle offering encompasses a special blend of what every consumer wants in their ideal getaway: the beauty of nature combined with the local color of rural and resort communities; a cabin, ski condo or beach house uniquely furnished to their own tastes, or a wide-open acreage under a blue country sky; content which reflects unique area amenities, entertainment and recreational offerings to maximize relaxation time; and a convenient way to find knowledgeable, experienced ‘local’ service professionals who can help people get the most out of their investment and free time,” says Satbir Khanuja, CEO and President of SecondSpace.
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