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Analyzing New Roles and Responsibilities
Vimali Swamy
Saturday, February 28, 2009
An extremely energetic and positive thinking person with a passion for working with people, Stephanie Moore has joined UST Global as the Chief Marketing Officer, putting rest to her 13 year long career as an analyst at Forrester Research. She joined Forrester when it acquired Giga Information Group, where she was a vice president and research leader focusing on application development, IT services, and global sourcing issues. Having written numerous reports on technology and global sourcing issues, she is frequently quoted in leading business and IT publications such as CIO Magazine, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Computerworld.

Talking about her appointment at UST she says, "During my career at Forrester I focused on many different clients at any given time - both users and vendors. I helped them to find solutions or develop a sourcing strategy or improve their marketing strategies. In my new role at UST, I will have just one customer and that will be UST Global. All my thinking, analytic abilities, and hard work will be dedicated to the company. I must say that this is a relief and it is incredibly exciting to think about the impact that I have the opportunity to make at this unique, next generation IT services company." She also considers this as the turning point of her career.

Stephanie believes that perseverance; communication skills, and work ethics are the key strengths that have helped her sail through in times of challenges. She believes that for a leader it is all about teamwork. For young professionals, her advice is to master the art of communication. "Many IT professionals focus more on technology and innovation than they do on effectively communicating with their peers or clients. The collaboration, knowledge sharing, and customer satisfaction that is fostered by effective communication will significantly improve technology professionals' products, career opportunities, and job satisfaction," she explains.

Outside work, Stephanie mostly loves spending time with her three children but also manages to find time for her other passions such as reading, skiing, sailing, and yoga.

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