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October - 2013 - issue > CEO Spotlight
The Changing Face of Cyber Threats
Manoj Leelanivas
CEO-Cyphort, Inc.
Tuesday, October 1, 2013
Headquartered in San Jose, California, Cyphort Inc. is a provider of an advanced threat detection and mitigation platform that protects Enterprises from cyber threats that really matter. The company recently has raised $7 million in its Series A funding from Matrix and Foundation Capital.

The world has become increasingly flat, business models got redefined, and today every aspect of business or entertainment has been irrevocably changed by the Internet revolution. Recently, the mobile revolution has also changed the way we do everything. Your smartphone or tablet is your choice gadget for almost everything you want to do in your personal or business life. Couple this with the other side of the coin of the current mobile trend - Cloud computing. A great majority of enterprise services and data are moving to the Cloud, and you can access these anywhere from your favorite mobile device and the last mega trend is the big data revolution - the amount of data the world produces in a couple of days is equivalent to everything the world produced from the beginning of the civilization till the turn of this decade, and this data tsunami offers valuable insights into customers and buying patterns, to name a few opportunities.

Enterprises or employees want to access information anywhere from any device (BYOD). While these trends offer myriad opportunities for building new businesses, this democratization of the Internet has also opened up unprecedented holes in cyber security. The worldwide cost of malware is over $1.1 Trillion in 2013. These attacks are funded by nation states as well as criminal organizations, and are targeted to steal your financial or intellectual property, or in some cases to bring a state's infrastructure to a standstill. To combat this next generation of threats, there is a need to build more sophisticated threat detection platforms which combine advanced threat detection mechanisms with machine learning algorithms. These solutions, at the cutting edge of advanced security and big data analytics need to adapt with the changing environment and threats, need to be scalable in these days of data tsunamis, and need to be predictive in ferreting out the most evasive zero-day attacks.

Tackling the right opportunity at the boundaries of these mega trends, building the right team and laser-focus on execution are the biggest areas to hone in for any entrepreneur. To unseat large companies, an entrepreneur has to be super disruptive, and one cannot get there by incremental thinking.
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