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October - 2013 - issue > CEO Spotlight
Information Supply and High Speed Connectivity as a Utility
Atul Bhatnagar
Tuesday, October 1, 2013
Based in Illinois, Cambium Networks provides broadband wireless infrastructure solutions for service providers, industrial markets and enterprises worldwide.

The key drivers propelling our industry currently are mobility, media digitization and cloud. Everything is shifting to digital formats and people have an innate need to un-tether themselves. Smartphones are driving this trend to deliver information on the move, and people are demanding that information move with them in real-time.

Information supply and connectivity is becoming a basic human need like water and electricity. Sophisticated Cloud based computing is providing information services like a utility. The communications industry will support these three areas and keep growing particularly; Cloud based high speed computing with big-data storage, wireless solutions that can deliver real-time information on the move and pay as you go software as a service especially offered on smartphones.

The industry is heading towards information supply and high speed connectivity as a utility. The industry will see continued development in high capacity cloud based computing, pay as you go consumption models, and best in class enterprise class applications available on smart phones. No matter where you are, providing information in a secure manner is where we are headed.

Infrastructure will be more standardized based using an ecosystem of applications partners and computing infrastructure. Wireless mobility solutions are going to provide information to everyone independent of location. As a result, your work is where you are, not where your office is. The power of wireless is that it provides you high-speed connectivity irrespective of the location.

The proliferation of wireless technologies, and the trend to digitize everything, is also positively impacting industries such as farming, mining, water, gas and energy. No industry will be left untouched by this wave of digitization. Entrepreneurs have to focus on compelling unfulfilled needs of the customer and have to develop a clearly differentiated and sustainable value proposition. No entrepreneur can create success without a breakthrough innovation. In this day and age, breakthrough innovation comes by combining multiple disciplines. Focus is a key quality ingredient of an entrepreneur.
Entrepreneurs also need to surround themselves with people complimenting their skill set to form a formidable team. The team needs to deliver outstanding value through much focused go-to-market programs. Entrepreneurs need to have phenomenal leadership and team building skills.
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