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InXero Enabling Enterprise Social Media
si Team
Monday, March 2, 2009
InXero is an information sharing network dedicated to helping technology companies discover, share and consume relevant information while enabling smart collaboration.

InXero was founded in Feb 2008 by serial entrepreneur Anand Raj and is headquartered in Austin, Texas with a development center in New Delhi, India. InXero is a portfolio company of the Austin Technology Incubator which is part of the University of Texas at Austin.

The initial focus of InXero enterprise social media solutions is Enterprise IT (CIO, IT Professionals) and IT Vendors (CMO, Marketing and Sales Managers) of small and medium businesses. For Enterprise IT, InXero provides a unique way to discover, discuss and rate information; select and manage vendors; and build enterprise communities by combining social media, enterprise contents and workflows around specific Business and IT processes.

Using InXero, IT Vendors can promote their solutions through dedicated company branding channels; participate in relevant customer conversations; leverage social media to breakdown barriers to expand global reach; collaborate smartly with customers and partners; form private customer and partner communities; and gain customers, competitive and solutions insights.

The online world is undergoing its most significant transformation ever in our history. The convergence of social networks and business processes will lead to smarter collaborations and a better way of sharing information amongst stakeholders. InXero is dedicated to leading this innovation and bringing innovative technology enabled solutions to address specific pain points for its customers by enabling them to do more with less, bringing velocity in execution, and collaborating in increasingly innovative ways to drive competitive advantage.

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