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Microsoft Delves Deep into Clouds Through MyPhone
Eureka Bharali
Saturday, February 28, 2009
Tip toeing the lines of Apple and Google’s smartphone synchronization service, Microsoft further explores the cloud unveiling its new sync service. The claimed ‘goof-up’ of the company, whereby the service ‘MyPhone’ was ‘accidentally’ made available to the Windows 6 users for a day, helped them to tab publicity prior to its release.

Unveiled at the Mobile World Congress, the cloud-based service will be made available in an invite-only beta version initially. The legacy of Microsoft acquiring companies to expand its portfolio like MS PowerPoint and Hotmail, is seen in MyPhone too. The sync service is based around technologies of the Portuguese developer MobiComp, which was acquired by the company in June 2008.

The sync endeavor is clearly emulating Apple’s MobileMe, which lets iPhone and iPod Touch users sync the device’s content with an Apple Web portal. Due to the inclusion of ads, Microsoft unveils it as a free service that acts as an edge over Apple’s $99 service, which gives a storage capacity of 20 GB. Although both sync contacts and calendars within the cloud, Microsoft lacks Hotmail integration, or any kind of email service for that matter. Analysts do not consider this deficiency a disadvantage for the company, since a free service is always an added advantage over a paid one. The final verdict on MyPhone is still awaited, as its full-fledged emergence in the market is not over yet.

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