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IDC Technologies Drive to Conquer the IT Services Space
Rachita Sharma
Monday, July 1, 2013
‘When the going gets tough, the tough gets going’, is the motto that Prateek Gattani, CEO, IDC Technologies swears by. Having successfully turned around this IT Services company which was running under heavy losses and was on the brink of closure to a $50 million premier technology services organization, he has clearly taken advantage of the current market scenario. The Global IT Services industry is expected to see tremendous growth during 2012-2017 with a CAGR of more than 5 percent and eventually reach $1.147 billion in 2017 as
IT spending in the healthcare, retail, and transportation sectors is increasing.

The time to be in the IT Services space is ripe indeed.
Founded in 2003 and being taken over by Gattani in 2007, the company today has established itself as a prominent player in the segments of IT Consulting, BPO Services, Remote Services and has also recently started operations in software services. With a wide range of skill sets and a flexible support network, IDC Technologies quickly and cost effectively supplies individuals or teams to client managed projects. Their services address specific needs of enterprise IT programs, or communications and Internet technology product development, and also engineering product design and data management. Their technology service offerings include application development, website design and development, E-commerce, search engine marketing services, and rich internet application among others.

The company that today employs over 1000 professionals globally and is a known name in North American markets has been through tumultuous times. Reeling under heavy debts, the company was taken over by a young and enterprising Gattani who invested close to two years in paying off vendors and other debtors. “It was not an easy journey and at several moments I wanted to quit,” reminisces Gattani. His risk paid off and IDC Technologies today is a $50 million company, which is an achievement since only about five percent of IT Services players in the U.S. market are in that segment.

Conquering New Markets

The U.S. medical industry sees huge debts making the requirement for an efficient debt collector. The field is also challenging because companies have to be compliant with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) and a small mistake can cause hassles of epic proportions. IDC Technologies has made its presence felt in the segment by efficiently taking care of all these challenges. What had started off as a team of five collectors today is 107+ collectors strong. “We have grown the BPO segment almost 475 percent within two years,” says a proud Gattani. He sees IDC Technologies rising to the level of Top three Collection agencies and BPO’s of the U.S. very soon.

IDC Technologies is also aiming at multiple portfolio acquisitions across Healthcare and other verticals so that it could be positioned as a “full service” one stop shop for all outsourcing requirements.

After having conquered the BPO industry IDC Technologies has now embarked upon proving its metal in the software development field as well. The ambitious company’s first project was flagged in April 2013 and there are other projects in the pipeline as well. “On a tier two level we are one of the largest names available in the U.S. and Canada,” Gattani adds.

Breaking the Clutter

It is not just the ability to complete a task but the expertise and accuracy of doing a task that makes all the difference. In the rather cluttered IT Services market, IDC Technologies has gained vast domain expertise and is winning over customers with its ‘thunder storm’ delivery.

During Gattani’s early days the company specialized only in the ERP domain but with the advent of time he expanded the team’s command over other segments such as UI, database, infrastructure services and others. By bringing in people with different skill sets, the company now boasts of having expertise and knowledge in over 85-90 percent of all industry domains. With a total team of 200 professionals in sales and recruitment alone, the company is keeping competitors at bay by providing swift response time and quick resolution.

In an industry where players stick to earning their margins, IDC Technologies differentiates itself by giving priority to customer service and cost advantage. “We are ready to go to any lengths to gain a customer’s confidence, even if it means incurring a loss,” says Gattani. “Clients also have an easy access to our support team, timely follow up on communication and customer centric work plan,” he adds.
Client opportunity is highly dynamic and unless a services provider understands client requirement the trust cannot be won.

“We understand the pain point of our customers and work accordingly, hence achieving success for them and in turn for us,” adds Gattani.
It is IDC Technologies’ persistence and commitment to their clients that has made all the difference. Gattani believes that his team was his biggest support in taking the young organization to newer realms of success. His drive knows no bounds and he aims at taking the company to $150 million in revenues in the coming two years. Given his past accolades and his company’s current strong hold in the market, it is only a matter of time that IDC Technologies will become the top most player in the industry.

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