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Harnessing “Collective Intelligence”
si Team
Monday, March 2, 2009
In today’s corporate world, it’s natural for people to collaborate and share ideas. Informal social networks can unleash creativity and mobilize collective expertise across the organization. But is it possible in the era of globalization, how to bring in the collective intelligence of thousands of globally placed employees of an organization to drive it to new heights? Connectbeam’s architecture and core application are designed to help people in any role, across the enterprise, connect with both the growing pool of information and colleagues with the expertise and experience to help them get their jobs done more intelligently and more quickly. Connectbeam enables this by aggregating the social metadata that is generated naturally by using the web into a single repository that everyone in the company can access and use.

Connectbeam integrates concepts of social bookmarking and tagging with those of social networking. Connectbeam brings the ‘Web 2.0’ information-sharing, collaboration, and ease of use of sites like LinkedIn and del.icio.us to the daily work-flow of enterprise employees. It helps companies boost innovation, improve decisions, intensify collaboration, and build critical stakeholder relationships. “Today, Connectbeam’s technology has seen wide admiration from big corporations. Honeywell and Cisco that have deployed our technology,” notes Puneet Gupta, founder and CEO.

Headquartered in Mountain View, California, Connectbeam is privately held and venture backed (Gabriel Venture Partners, Startup Capital Venture).

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