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Raghu Panicker
Thursday, December 4, 2008
Raghu Panicker
If you think you understand the term ‘Winagement’, then how do you define the terms ‘Winning Management’ and ‘Winning Engagement’? These aren’t simple synonyms; it is a much deeper expression of our engagement with everyone in business that is implied.

The Beijing Olympics was the most spectacular event so far in the history of Olympics. This outstanding success was triggered by cohesive engagements managed by the organizing committee. It wouldn’t have been possible if the organizer did not possess the will to make these engagements succeed and eventually win over the hearts of millions and millions of people world over. There were scores of world class athletes who challenged each other to win in terms of their skills and professional competency. When we saw their performances on screen we also saw them giving their best performances ever. So, what does this mean for ‘Winagement’? Many things; let us start with first things first.

A role of the motivator is to motivate people to aspire to be better and to make things possible that otherwise look impossible. The role of a leader in an organization driven by technology is vital as he has gained insights into the process by learning from both the employees and the customers. Also, the leaders should themselves imbibe the art of ‘Winagement’ using some of the techniques used by great athletes to increase their efficacy in personal management.

Envisioning the Habit of Winning
With our customers, we should always look at ‘their win’ first and ‘our win’ next. If we envision our customer’s win, then we can win from the customer. In EDA Industry a lot of product and service companies work on future designs, and these designs are usually customer driven. When a customer wins a deal he considers working with the third party EDA vendor to accomplish his vision. So it’s very important and imperative to engage with the customer with the objective of supporting his vision always. Forming this kind of engagement and vision, over and over again, becomes a central motivating force for overcoming obstacles, because it focuses on the long term winning engagement.

We need to always feel the vision of the customer and imagine that at the end he will be engaged with us and only with us. Moreover, envisage that the engagement would last for a long term with significant accomplishments. By repeatedly working with such a framework will make you definitely have a long and ever lasting relationship with the customer.

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