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May - 2010 - issue > Top 25 Emerging Technology Companies

Vavia Technologies Digital Branding Redefined

Vimali Swamy
Thursday, May 6, 2010
Vimali Swamy
When 16 year old Alan D’Souza founded his company Vavia Solutions, a corporate branding solutions provider, little did he know the in few years down the road he would be able to create a difference for several other startups like his. Today, at 22, his company, re-incorporated as Vavia Technologies in 2008, specializes in providing solutions to address business needs with help of internet based solutions.

Essentially the company helps startups and emerging businesses with their digital marketing needs. With Internet as the platform, apart from helping design corporate websites, Vavia converges social media, web 2.0 and mobile technologies seamlessly and helps its clients market themselves and go ahead with digital branding for themselves.
Being a startup, D’Souza understands the pain points of a young business. “When I started Vavia, I too had faced a lot of problems in initial days to create a mark for ourselves in the market. It was the sheer support from my college, PES Institutions that helped us stay afloat in the starting times,” he reminisces. There are numerous individuals and organizations that require speedy unique business oriented web solutions. The team at Vavia understands the demanding need for having a meaningful, yet affordable internet presence for institutions, corporate, and even individuals thereby providing them creative, high-resulting and easy-to-manage Internet based solutions. With a motive to encourage everyone to have an online presence, Vavia offers self-manageable portals to reduce the effort in administration and external dependency. “The idea is to help organizations reduce ownership and ongoing costs, thereby providing economical IT Solutions. We mainly work on open source and mobile platforms and specialize in Content Management Systems such as Joomla!, Drupal, Wordpress,” says D’Souza, CEO, Vavia Technologies.

Apart from all the services that can be listed under the umbrella of Web2.0, Vavia also provides Bespoke ERP and CRM solutions using latest technologies such as Ruby and Python. E-commerce solutions, custom software development, Business Intelligence tools and mobile application development are among other services that it offers.

“Vavia Technologies was incorporated with the intention of providing quality and superior dynamic web services to corporates as well as individuals. We focus on providing the right IT solutions using latest technologies in a very short span of time thereby benefiting global businesses. That was the key business idea. Our maximum delivery time for any web solution is within seven working days. This helps in launching business sooner and better,” explains D’Souza.

Though there are several other players who offers similar services, D’Souza believes that it is their approach to problems and commitment to their customers that sets them apart. In any business it is mandatory that a client see return on his investment (ROI). The company recently operates on a unique model known as ‘Milestones’ where in Vavia first lays out the milestones needed to be reached in the course of their business engagement and as an when the company reaches a milestone, the client pays, thus allowing it to track ROI.

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