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ValuConnex Telecom Services: Augment Your NetworkQuality & Customer Experience

Kavitha G.
Thursday, February 26, 2015
Kavitha G.
"The person you are trying to speak to is unreachable. Please try later". Such frequently heard voices are indeed unpleasant for the caller, and occupy a significant part of failed call experiences, often not representing actual situation, but just poor connectivity or a wrong message played. In order to ensure a richer customer experience, the operator should not only outsource, but also systematically audit and benchmark, ensuring accurate delivery of services.

Until 2011, there existed huge gaps – many processes went unmonitored, affecting customer experiences adversely, as also choking network performance & sub optimizing utilization. Then launched ValuConnex Telecom Services Pvt. Ltd. -a high end technology consulting & services firm,providing patent-enabled innovation through their Customer Experience Assurance Methodology.

Powered by proprietary tools&thousands of exhaustive test cases, ValuConnex is famous for its unique process that brings valuable insights into many hitherto invisible aspects of the end to end lifecycle of customers – helping telcos identify and resolve issues, and even protect revenues and lower both capital and operating costs. Through clever use of domain experience, their audit and benchmarking services are engineered to study all customer touch-points (billing, commercial, products, network and service delivery) that form a customer's experience, amplifying the importance of regular, bi-annual audits as a wise business hygiene decision.

With an executive panel of industry experts spearheaded by the CEO, Alok Chordia – an old hand in the telecom industry who holds 23 years of experience, the 40 people strong entity ferrets out issues by stepping into shoes of users, ensuring pro active resolution of issues even before they hit a telco's call centre or stores. "We are amongst very few companies that have a patent of innovation in telecom. Hence we won an award in 2012 from 'Power of Ideas'– an initiative of Department of Science & Technology in collaboration with IIM Ahmedabad & Economic Times," quotes Alok Chordia. Moreover, they have recently (Jan'15) been selected by the Royal Society of Engineers, London to help expand commercialization of their concept.

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