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They're after your data!

Jayakishore Bayadi
Monday, March 31, 2008
Jayakishore Bayadi
In June 30, 2004 a virus attack partially brought down the operations of Infosys Technologies in Bangalore and its other centers in the country.

In June 2006, a security breach at HSBC’s offshore data-processing unit in Bangalore had led to $ 425,000 being stolen from the accounts of a small number of the bank’s U.K. customers.

Cut to March 2008, a security breach at the Hannaford east coast supermarket chain in the U.S. led to the exposure of some 4.2 million credit card particulars.

Let’s say, you receive an email similar to the email from your bank, announcing tempting financial offers. You give your credit card particulars, address, and other confidential details to avail the offer. But alas! By the time you realize it’s a phishing mail, you might have lost your valuable information along with hard earned money!

These instances depict how your data is continuously under threat. Information security continues to remain one of the foremost new age challenges and a variety of menaces have been increasing exponentially. As technology is becoming increasingly advanced, the hackers’ community is also finding sophisticated ways to attack.

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