The Realm of Mobile & Digital Health to Seize the New Wave of Investment

By Madhukar Sinha, Early Stage Investor, IndiaQuotient
Monday, July 20, 2015
By Madhukar Sinha, Early Stage Investor, IndiaQuotient
Founded in 2012, India Quotient is an investment firm that backs early staged technology start-ups that are still discovering a revenue model, pricing, product or strategy.

1) What are the trends of investment in 2015?

The last 18 months have been exciting for the start-up eco-system, which would be an understatement, given the activity it has witnessed. The famous Series A crunch debated a while back is no more while already there is skepticism of bubble along with the euphoria of funding news of start-ups on a daily basis. At Indian Quotient (IQ), not only have we seen our portfolio companies raise subsequent rounds of funding but we are also witnessing a jump in all the business metrics and the consumer adoption is phenomenal.

2) On which technology or sector we will see a substantial growth in this year and attract major funding?

In 2015 we will see more start-ups build a complete, end-to-end product or service that bypasses the existing solutions. The full stack experience for consumers would be key and smartphone's will become the only interface for the consumers. Some of the sectors where we see a lot of activity are on-demand-services at home whether it is food, handyman, beauty or healthcare. The trend of mobile and digital health will increase this year. We are also getting a sense that the consumer market is moving away from DIY (Do it yourself) to DIFM (Do it for me) and kind of validates the full stack business models everyone has been talking about for a while. Other interesting spaces are fashion, gaming and fintech. We will see a lot services getting delivered through chat apps. There is lot of investment activity around fintech companies in Silicon Valley and we have already seen some action in India with investments in Lending kart, Capital floats and Neogrowth. We will see a lot more of them in the next few quarters.

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