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Ten silly reasons Techies give during an Exit Interview

Sanjeev Jain
Thursday, June 1, 2006
Sanjeev Jain
Entrepreneurial Bug
I want to be an entrepreneur and go on my own. Harry C.D., Director HR, Tejas Networks.
“A techie at my former workplace claimed to have found investors who would like to see him start his company soon. Barely a few days later I heard he was working in another company.”

Remedy: When someone says he wants to become an entrepreneur, ask him for opportunities to employ your friends and relatives.

Power Girls
No babes, Won’t work B.L. Sathish, HR Executive, Adamya Computing Technologies, Bangalore.

“One of our former employee felt that there are very few women techies in our office, which wasn’t inspiring him to work. The environment looks good when beautiful girls are around and that the guys wanted to notice themselves in women’s eyes, which gives them a fillip to work harder and build up a macho image. In fact, when one becomes closer to a girl, definitely he doesn’t move out.”

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