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Sollet Soft Solutions: Unfurling Utmost Efficiency via Pragmatic IT Products

Susila Govindaraj
Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
To alleviate the sufferings of hitherto financially excluded Indian population, RBI decided to reduce the operating cost by leveraging Technology and launched Financial Inclusion. Unfortunately, the short-versioned implementation failed to give long-term viability to the Ecosystem. Bringing new dimensions for superior viability and to make Social Impact with inimitable Cloud-based IT Products is Sollet Soft Solutions, an IT Product Organization. The Hyderabad headquartered company was founded in 2012 with a mission to unfurl the utmost efficiency of IT eco systems to connect more than two stake holders in any underserved businesses across the demographics. Enriched with industry experts akin to Co-Founders Ramesh Baswa and M Ratnakumar, the company has built unique patented IT Products that have the potential to make Sollet a $2 billion dollar organization in next 5 to 6 years.

With over 2+ years of experience in establishing 4000+ Agent network in 10 States across India, the co-founders has wider industry exposure in the Banking, Telecom, Insurance, IT Sectors. Initially, the company grappled with challenges like scarcity of right talent, unavailability of incubation centers, finding funds below $1 million, getting loans in time while it took a longer duration to close partnership with businesses. Nevertheless, in a short journey of two years, Sollet's IT Products mee-Com, sBuzz, sEco and the underpinning flagship Enterprise Product Pepon have not only proven their efficiency in their own Distribution business but also in extending businesses of the top notch clients like Aditya Birla Financial Services, Aavin Dairy, Axis Bank, Euronet, Thonson Reuters and RedBus amongst others.

The highly scalable Cloud-based SaaS & PaaS modelled IT Products of Sollet have whole heap of advantages including adoptability for any industry, multi-language support and low cost extension of businesses across demographics among others. In support of service delivery network consisting of a Channel Partner, Agent, End Customer and Service Provider. These IT Products improve business RoI and Efficiency in a cost-effective manner; thereby justifying the name Sollet which stands for Solutions in a Wallet/Solutions through outlets. For instance Vimta Labs, India's leading contract research and testing pharma organization having association with multiple Diagnostic Centers, Doctors and others used to communicate with their Sales team via normal emails. Now with the handy sBuzz mobile application, Vimta can instantly communicate to them individually as well as in Groups in an economical yet more effective manner.

As innovation is the heart of the company, Sollet has adopted SCRUM methodologies giving full impetus on Creative ideas by exposing their teams to cross functional trainings and workings. As Sollet's team, IT Products, processes and Methodologies are attracting more and more clients, currently the company is working on scaling-up rapidly across the Globe. To be apace with their rapid development, Sollet is looking forward to get a hold of right amount of resources like Funding, Geographical presence, right Partners and Talents at this right time. Also they are working on creating clearly focused departments against each IT Product line for faster scale up plans.

Sollet envisions a future where they touch at least 100 million people with100,000 Agent networks and contribute significantly towards social impact in next 5 to 6 years."we have ideas to bring in Low Cost extension of wider businesses along with banking to the local communities in India and then extend the same into other Developing countries. We also want to bring in Businesses amongst Services, Money Exchange, Merchandise and Intelligence using unique, low cost mobility solutions and franchise modeling," concludes Ramesh Baswa, Co-Founder, MD & CEO, Sollet Soft Solutions.

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1:Sollet Soft a pioneer in IT industry and have a great vision to Define the most efficient way the world can work using IT Eco systems.
Posted by: - 14th Jul 2014
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