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Sahaj Software Solutions: Simple Solutions are the Real Answers

si Team
Monday, July 18, 2016
si Team
"We worked with Sahaj to develop our open source platform for multilingual content. It was a complex project and the team at Sahaj did a great job to understand our specific requirements and budget constraints. They followed a rigorous process to keep the project on time and within the budget. We have just launched StoryWeaver and the response has been wonderful, both from users and the tech community," says Suzanne Singh, the Chairperson of the decade old 'not-for-profit publisher', Pratham Books vocalized these words when their Agile partner Sahaj Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. carved a platform integrating 18 Indian languages to push Pratham a step ahead with their dream - a book in every child's hand.

Making it Simple

Amalgamating the creativity and experience of senior and passionate technologists, Sahaj is a sovereign tackling intricate set of problems with most simple solutions, which really attack the problems not through scale, but smart people and small team sizes. Revolving on its simplicity axis, where even the project team is two or four people based who are smart enough to crack it. The company endeavours to realize every problematic conception within three to four months, which brings the early adaptation benefits for the clientele. "Simplicity does not mean it's easy, but it needs more effort internship and time to come up with a solution. But the overall objective is, once you design a simple solution, anybody and everybody can maintain and sustain it," asserts Akash Agrawal, Co-Founder & Director, Sahaj Software Solutions.

To combat the perception of enterprises that consider its employees as resources, and to burst out the textbook-oriented and predictable Agile customs, the trio Akash, Rohit Bansal and Sundar Malyandi incepted Sahaj in 2014and very quickly Nitin Dhall and Balachander Swaminathan joined them as Co Founders. Today the company enables technology organizations to uplift the performance & profit levels and become rock-solid business enablers. A combination of the right consultants along with plethora of services it offers (experience design or lean & agile enablement or continues delivery), makes it a brand whilst making the customers unique in the market.

Since the whole motive is driven by problem solving enthusiasm, once the company is convinced that the engagement doesn't bring ROI for the client proportional to the money being spent, Sahaj is never hesitated to refer them to someone else. This attitude led customers like ShopinSync Inc, Spectra global, FIKKA Jobs and dloHaiti - the organization providing clean drinking water to the African population, amongst others under its umbrella.

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