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PROLIM: Born with a Hunger to Provide New & Innovative PLM Solutions

Rashmisree Deb
Friday, April 17, 2015
Rashmisree Deb
With the growing complexity of IT PLM systems, companies are facing several challenges in securing and managing product data. It comes as no surprise that this disconnected information are scattered throughout multiple systems making it very cumbersome for the users to get relevant information at ease. Therefore, companies are on a lookout for a strong and focused niche player who brings a plethora of PLM services under one roof. With a motive to put life into the product lifecycle and help such companies emerge out of their complex needs is a 2005 founded PLM Company PROLIM.

PROLIM has raised the bar to a new high by providing a services portfolio that includes PLM roadmap, PLM implementation, software development, administration, data migration, ERP integration, other system integration, training and ongoing support including production support related services. Its proven mettle also lies in offering project based solutions along with ongoing support and service contracts. "We are a full service systems integrator for most of the PLM tools available in the market today. What makes us stand out from the competition is our focus in providing installation and integration of products, which are not only locked into providing services on one or two systems, rather providing on all of them," says Prabhu Patil, President & CEO, PROLIM.Premier partnership with Siemens on three different levels – Product Development, Teamcenter Services & Integration, and Certified Software Reseller focused on Teamcenter has helped the company to be a horse of a different color. Counting several successes stories to the never ending list since inception, the company has recently added one more by winning a long term engagement with a global automotive supplier. Today, PROLIM is one of the fastest growing private companies in America.

Heading the Game

Born with a hunger to provide new and innovative solutions, PROLIM has become the dearest darling of several customers including Automotive OEM, Manufacturing Supplier, Life Sciences, Aerospace and more. The company upgraded to Unified Communications solutions by improvising its communication internally and standardizing one common file format for all documents. To mark its presence in the digital world, the team has also updated the website and increased marketing campaigns and awareness. In addition, the company has deployed internal state of the art integrated IT systems to use for document and project management in a better way.

"Unlike our competitors, we are customer focused rather than product focused. Communication, collaboration and standardized processes, methods, software PLM tools are common issues for most organizations. By upgradingour organization, we will be able to better serve our clients and employees. As we continue to grow, we must maintain and stay ahead of our competition by constantly using cutting edge technology and tools," he adds. PROLIM witnessed a rising growth curve of 45 percent in last few years by budding partnership with vendors and successful implementation with customers. This tremendous growth has garnered the company with many prestigious awards such as INC 500, siliconindia and Crain's to name a few.

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